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Trade Credit Insurance or Accounts Receivable Insurance, covers the accounts receivable asset up to 95% of the value - against non-payment by corporate customers due to insolvency, protracted default (late payment) or political risks between the Seller and the Customer’s country.

Recover the costs of the program and secure increased profit.
The insurance supports sales growth, risk mitigation and improves corporate finance. When properly structured, policies should be cost neutral or offer a high return on investment. Our trade credit specialists will tell you how businesses in your industry use credit insurance to grow and profit.

High value added components embedded in the products and services save costs and time for credit management and collections. It supports strategies and increases profitability

Informative, objective, and effective - PBL work for you at no cost and without any insurer bias.

Next Steps…
Minimal information and a brief discussion are required to identify key wins and cost parameters – but we will require our Application completed to perform any detailed risk profiling and structuring - and before testing the relevant insurers in the market with your OK.

Contact your PBL broker or one of our Trade Credit specialists (see below).

All discussions and data exchanged are treated with the strictest confidentiality


Purchasers of Trade Credit Insurance get...

  • Support for sales growth to new or existing customers in Canada and to over 150 countries
  • Mitigate risk against exceptional bad debts and their impact on cash flow and income
  • Better borrowing terms and additional working capital at up to 90% margining
  • Leverage highly rated national and multinational insurers to give you a competitive edge

Why work with a PBL trade credit specialist?

  • We bring the power of the market to you – now 12 licensed carriers in Canada, plus Lloyds
  • An Insurer’s captive agents will have expertise in their company’s products– but they are unable to compare all markets and products to a high standard on your behalf.
  • PBL’s expertise and services help identify the best and most cost effective cover in partnership with you and protect your investment in a program on an ongoing basis.

Our specialists will work with you to:

  • Effectively negotiate and remarket to qualified competitive insurers. There are often large rate and fee and coverage variations (often 20-40% between carriers on comparable terms).
  • Determine which current products and services will improve efficiency and lower administration at reduced cost – get the most value for your premium dollars.
  • Help your existing provider respond better and provide improved coverage or help manage the change to a new partner that has stepped up to win your business.


Trade Credit Insurance Specialists

PBL has been providing insurance solutions and custom insurance products for over 75 years. Contact one of our Industry Experts listed below or your PBL Account Executive today.

Russ Parker

Director, Trade Credit

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John W.  Thrasher

Senior Sales Executive

Phone Icon 519-946-0385

Phone Icon 519-254-1633 Ext. 228

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